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Rhode Island Heating Oil

Sunshine Fuels & Energy Services wants you to know that we are there for you for all of your heating oil needs throughout Rhode Island. Not only do we deliver heating oil, but Biodiesel® as well, so you have a choice to fuel your home with standard, quality heating oil, or a more environmentally-friendly option.

Heating Oil Delivery & Service in RI

We also offer automatic delivery for heating oil customers so you never have to monitor your tanks again! We are always striving to give our customers the ultimate in satisfaction, so become a customer and see how we can change your heating life.

Don’t forget, we not only deliver oil, but we maintain and tune all makes and models of heating systems. Sign up for a service plan today and lengthen your equipment’s life and save money on energy costs. Want to save even more? Our price programs are built so you pay for your heating oil on your own terms.

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