Propane & Natural Gas Installations in RI

If you’re considering installing a gas system for your home or business, then Sunshine Fuels & Energy is at your service with the experience you can count on to get it done right! Propane and natural gas installations are common in residential, commercial, and industrial settings throughout the greater Rhode Island area. These installations involve the setup of a gas supply system that delivers fuel to appliances, such as heaters, ovens, and water heaters. When it comes to propane and natural gas installations, it’s important to work with licensed professionals like the team at Sunshine Fuels & Energy Services.


Preparing for Propane & Natural Gas Installations

We understand it can be stressful to prepare for your propane or natural gas installation—after all, you may not know exactly what to expect in terms of process and price. That’s why the Sunshine team will walk you through all the components and make sure your installation is completed safely and smoothly. We’ll make sure everything is accounted for including:

  • Choosing the proper location
  • Selecting the correct size of the gas supply system based on the gas load, pressure, and flow requirements
  • Ensuring proper ventilation for each appliance
  • Answering your pricing questions and quote requests

Considering a Natural Gas or Propane Installation

If you’re thinking of installing a natural gas or propane system to power your home or business, give Sunshine a call. With decades of experience, we are the best choice to ensure the efficiency and safety of your installation. Request a quote today!


Protect Your Installation with a Service Plan

Don’t forget that regular maintenance is essential for safe and efficient gas operation. A licensed professional can provide maintenance services, such as cleaning, inspections, and repairs, to ensure that your gas installation is operating safely and efficiently. Extend the life of your heating equipment and experience ultimate customer satisfaction when you take advantage of our service plans.