Propane Delivery in Rhode Island

At Sunshine Fuels, we like to make our customers’ days a little brighter by taking care of all your home’s energy needs. That’s why when you’re a propane fuel delivery customer, we offer and encourage enrolling in our automatic delivery plan.

How Automatic Delivery Works

When you sign up for automatic propane delivery, Sunshine Fuel & Energy takes care of all the tank monitoring and scheduling. No more having to go outside to check your fuel gauge or worry you may run too low on fuel during the frigid New England winters. We’re able to monitor your tank and fuel use, to accurately predict when you’ll need a delivery. Let our team handle all your propane needs; reach out to us to sign up for our automatic delivery service today.


Benefits of Automatic Delivery

Not only will you enjoy the benefit of convenient, more efficient fill-ups when you are an automatic delivery customer, but you’ll also reap these perks as well:

  • Time saved: Not having to keep track of fuel levels, schedule deliveries, and wait for fuel deliveries to arrive allows you to focus on other things.
  • Avoid emergency run-outs: Running out of fuel can be inconvenient and even dangerous. With automatic delivery, you can significantly reduce your risk of a fuel emergency.
  • Peace of mind: With automatic fuel delivery, you can relax knowing that your fuel supply is being taken care of by professionals, especially during periods of extreme weather or high demand for fuel.

Contact Sunshine to get started!


Will-Call Fuel Delivery

If you prefer to handle your fuel monitoring, ordering, and delivery needs, that’s okay with us! Simply check your propane tank regularly, and order fuel when your tank is no less than ¼ full. Our online portal makes ordering fuel quick and easy.