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Generator Service Plan

Don’t overlook your generator. At Sunshine Fuels, we back up your backup. Servicing all of Rhode Island, we are proud to offer our wonderful customers a Generator Service Plan. With this plan, your generator will be ready at a moment’s notice, and it will not only run smoothly but at its peak performance.

Sunshine’s Generator Service Plan includes:

Sunshine Fuels Generator Service Plans

  • Annual Tune-Up (see below)
  • Safety Inspection
  • System Transfer Inspection
  • 10% Parts and Labor Discount
  • Priority Service

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Remember, we also sell and install generators, so call on the experts at Sunshine!

Tune-Ups Include:

  • Change oil filter (once per year)
  • Change fuel filter (once per year)
  • Change air filter (once per year)
  • Change spark plugs (once per year)
  • Check oil level/change (once per year)
  • Check brushes and slip rings
  • Check radiator cap and overflow valve
  • Check generator for signs of contamination
  • Check generator for signs of overheating
  • Check generator for insulation breakdown
  • Record generator voltage and frequency
  • Check all hose damps, tighten as required
  • Check air cleaner

  • Check condition of fan and alternator belts
  • Check output circuit breaker
  • Check mounting hardware
  • Check control panel and wiring
  • Check for excessive vibration
  • Check battery charger output voltage
  • Check spark plug wires
  • Check entire equipment for fuel or water leaks
  • Check SPEC on values
  • Check condition of batteries and report any action necessary for recharging or replacing
  • Check automatic transfer switch for proper operation

  • Submit a report to the owner should any inspection disclose that further work may be required
  • Instruct proper personnel for operating and upkeep procedures between regular calls by Sunshine Fuels & Energy Services personnel.
  • After all of the above, run generating set and conduct test (under load where practical)
  • Check all instruments for proper operation