Oil Tune-Ups & Repairs in the Rhode Island Area

Sunshine Fuels & Energy Services know a properly tuned heating system is crucial for extending the lifespan and ensuring the efficiency of your equipment. Whether you use heating oil, propane, or natural gas, our expert team will take care of your system with ease. Ready to give your heating system some TLC? Simply give us a call to get started!

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Benefits of Heating Tune-Ups

Like a yearly checkup, annual tune-ups keep your heating system in tip-top shape and should be a priority for every Rhode Island homeowner. When you schedule regular tune-ups from Sunshine you’ll experience:

Increased safety: Although heating oil is one of the safest fuels to have in your home, without maintenance, the combustion process needed for your furnace to function properly may become unbalanced. This can lead to potential gas leaks and dangerous carbon monoxide levels. Annual tune-ups keep you ahead of potential hazards or emergencies, so your home and family stay safe.

Staying ahead of repairs: Speaking of staying one step ahead, a properly maintained furnace or boiler ensures everything is running at peak efficiencies and that small, potential problems are stopped before they become costly repairs.

Greater energy efficiency: When you maintain your equipment annually, your furnace and boiler will save you upwards of 10% every year on energy costs.

Better airflow: Over time your furnace’s airflow can become restricted, putting additional strain on your equipment that can ultimately shorten its lifespan. A tune-up will clean out any buildup in your furnace, so air flows freely.

Ensuring warranty coverage: If you currently have a warranty on your equipment, most companies require the annual maintenance of your furnace or boiler. So don’t put it off! We can fulfill your warranty needs and save you money.

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