Oil Heating Installations in Rhode Island and Massachusetts

Oil heat is a favorite home heating fuel in the New England area because it’s safe, energy efficient, and eco-friendly. Are you one of the millions of Americans that heat their home with oil? If your current system is 10+ years old, replacing your existing system can help save you nearly 30% on fuel costs.


Why Replace Your Heating System?

At Sunshine Fuels & Energy Services, we know how important it is that our customers have reliable heating equipment that performs with maximum efficiency. Is it time for an upgrade or replacement, so you can experience home comfort at its best? Some benefits of a new highly efficient system include:

  • Savings on annual heating costs
  • Extended equipment lifespan
  • Improved operating efficiency and safety
  • Lower emissions
  • Reduced risk of mid-season breakdowns
  • Increased home value and more

Furnace and Boiler Installations

Whether it’s a total system overhaul or simple furnace or boiler replacement you need, Sunshine can take care of it. Our expert technicians are here to answer any questions and help you determine the size, shape and model equipment best for your home’s needs. Reach out for a FREE quote today!


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