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Home Heating Oil Delivery in RI

Heating oil is New England’s favorite way to heat their houses, and where we know what cold winters are like, there is something to be said about 8 million Americans who enjoy home heating oil. Sunshine Fuels wants you to know that we deliver safe, reliable, and eco-friendly heating oil directly to your door, with the click of a button or ring of a telephone.

Automatic Delivery

Now, you don’t even need a click of the mouse to get fuel delivered to your home! With Sunshine’s automatic delivery option, we monitor your fuel usage to make accurate predictions of when you will need another delivery, based on temperature and home heating preferences and practices. When you sign up, you will experience our customers’ favorite heating service all winter long.

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Benefits of Heating Oil

  • New ENERGY STAR®-rated technologies have led to heating equipment that have efficiency ratings of over 95%
  • Burn less fuel and spend less money on fuel- save nearly an entire tankful of gas when you replace an older heating system
  • We only sell premium fuel with fuel additives that protect your heating system:
    • Metal deactivator- reduces fuel degradation caused by catalytic interation with metals in the fuel system
    • Fuel stabilizer- stabilizes stored fuel and prevents sludge
    • Dispersant- cleans the entire system by harmlessly removing and dispersing sludge
    • Corrosion inhibitor- prevents rust from forming
  • Heating oil is non-toxic, non-explosive, and safe for your family. You can even house your tank inside your home. Other fuels have toxic gasses and leaks, or they risk explosion. Not with heating oil!
  • Over the past 40 years, scientists and other professionals have decreased the amount of greenhouse gasses released into the air from burning fossil fuels by 33%
  • Greener fuel options like Bioheat® combine clean home heating oil with renewable resources to offer an even more efficient and eco-friendly burn
  • The U.S is increasing production of low sulfur heating oil. Not only is the fuel cleaner, but producing it domestically helps in efforts toward energy independence