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Partnering with Pride A/C Services Makes Us Proud

The team at Sunshine Fuels & Energy Services is thrilled to team up with Pride A/C Services to bring our customers a wide range of expert HVAC services, including routine maintenance and repairs for your A/C system, ductless mini-split, or central heat system. It means the world to us that you trust our professional, dedicated staff with your home’s comfort and safety, and we’re expanding our offerings so we can continue to bring our Rhode Island community the best possible service.

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Professional Hvac Technician Air Condition Maintenance

Routine A/C Service

Performing routine maintenance on your central air conditioning system is crucial to keeping it running at peak efficiency. The last thing you want is to try and turn on your air conditioning on the first hot day of the season and discover it isn’t working! That’s why Sunshine is bringing you comprehensive routine A/C service through our partnership with Pride A/C Services. When you book your routine A/C service with us, you’ll receive:

  • Coil cleaning (indoor/outdoor)
  • Electrical connections check
  • Refrigeration charge/check
  • Filter change
  • Drain clean


Routine Central Heat Service

In order for your central heating system to continue running at its best, you need to make sure you’re having a qualified technician perform routine maintenance on it. By servicing your system before there’s a big problem, like a breakdown, you’re more likely to catch little problems and save yourself some money. Through our partnership with Pride A/C Service, we provide the following during a routine central heat service:

  • Vacuum burner chamber
  • Filter change
  • Check pressure
  • Check electrical


Routine Mini-Split Service

Ductless mini-splits are a fantastic way to provide supplemental cooling and heating throughout your home, but just like any other HVAC system, they need to be properly maintained. If you don’t schedule routine service for your mini-split, you could find yourself waiting on an emergency repair or even a costly replacement. Lucky for you, Pride A/C Service and Sunshine have teamed up to bring you these great benefits when you book a routine mini-split service:

  • Clean indoor/outdoor coils
  • Clean drains
  • Check refrigerant pressure
  • Check electrical connections


Repairs & Service Calls

Sunshine Fuels & Energy Services has been here for our neighbors in Rhode Island since 1938. We’ve always been committed to bringing you the best possible service, no matter what, and that hasn’t changed. Our partnership with Pride A/C Services means that we’re able to reinvigorate that promise by providing you with repairs and service calls for your central air, central heat, and ductless mini-split systems. If you have questions about installing a more efficient A/C system or you need a repair for your existing system, be sure to contact us today! We’re always happy to hear from you.

Installing An Air Conditioner

Central Air Conditioning & Ductless Mini-Split Installations

Summer weather in Rhode Island can be brutal, but it doesn’t have to be. Through our partnership with Pride A/C Services, Sunshine is bringing you effortless home cooling with a high-efficiency central air or ductless mini-split installation. We’re pleased to install a variety of new, ultra-efficient air conditioning systems that will translate into better comfort and lower cooling costs for you. Our installation team is professional, courteous, and eager to help you select the perfect A/C option for your home and budget. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate!

Heat Pumps

In case you don’t know, heat pumps are made up of one outdoor unit and one or more indoor units that work together to efficiently distribute cool or warm air throughout your living space. The indoor units can be affixed to any interior wall, and the system does not require ductwork to operate. These features make this type of systems a favorite for homes that lack a central forced-air heating system. Additionally, many models have advanced features like whisper-quiet operation and remote control. If you’re interested in having a heat pump installed by Sunshine and Pride A/C Services, click the button below!

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