Why Upgrade to a High-Efficiency Water Heater

Has your water heater seen better days? Waiting until it reaches the end of its lifespan could be a massive headache. You could save a lot of time, money, and hassle by upgrading to a new high-efficiency model for your home. Give your family the comfort they deserve with a modern upgrade of your Rhode Island or Southeastern Massachusetts water heater! Your water heater is one of the few appliances you rely on year-round, so it’s important to invest in a unit that will deliver the home comfort you need. Read this blog to learn the top signs you need a water heater replacement and the biggest reasons you should invest in your home’s comfort with Sunshine Fuels & Energy Services.

Signs You Need a Water Heater Replacement

  • Your water heater is 10 years old (or older!)
  • You’ve noticed drips or leaks coming from your water heater
  • You aren’t getting enough hot water
  • You’re seeing rusty water
  • Your water heater is making strange noises

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Top Reasons to Upgrade Your RI Water Heater

Get an Upgrade in Energy Efficiency & Eco-Friendliness

Replacing your water heater will give you an upgrade in energy efficiency. In addition to using less fuel, you’ll promote healthier air and a healthier Rhode Island or Southeastern Massachusetts by producing fewer environmental emissions.

Save Money with a High-Efficiency System

Whether you use heating oil or gas to heat your home, you’ll save more when your water heater burns fuel efficiently. Your decrease in fuel consumption will be a long-term price reduction strategy to manage your home comfort budget.

Reduce Risk of Costly Repairs & Breakdowns

The older a system is, the more frequently it will need repairs—and the higher the risk of an unexpected breakdown. Upgrade your heating system this year to get more predictable home comfort bills with the reduced risk of a costly mishap.

Enjoy 24/7 Peace of Mind

Sunshine Fuels & Energy Services proudly provides 24/7 emergency water heater service. If you have a water heater installed, you can know and trust that we’ll be at your door whenever you need our help.

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Start-to-Finish Home Comfort Upgrades from Local HVAC Experts

Sunshine Fuels & Energy Services has the technicians, expertise, and reliability you need when it comes to water heater installations. We can install, service, and maintain your new water heater for years to come—all with 24/7 heating service you can depend on. No matter what time of the day, night, weekend, or holiday you need assistance, we’ll be at your door. Contact us when you’re ready to upgrade your water heater!