Summer Energy Saving Tips for Your Rhode Island Home

Summer is in full swing in Rhode Island, and we at Sunshine Fuels & Energy Services know that your energy usage can spike during these longer days and warmer nights. Are you looking for ways to use less energy and save a little extra money? Check out this list of energy-saving tips that can help you rein in your usage and save some money on your energy bills. Keep reading this blog post to learn all our secrets for saving on energy this summer!

Top Tips for Saving Energy This Summer from Sunshine

Cook Outside or Not at All

Summertime is grilling time! Cook outside on a propane barbeque or a fire pit and save money on your energy costs. Not a grill fan? There are other options too, such as heating up food in the microwave or eating cold foods like salads, wraps, and subs. The more you adjust your cooking habits, the more you can save!

Weatherproof Your Home

Caulking your windows and insulating doors are great ways to keep your home the temperature you want it. Summer can be unpredictable in Rhode Island, so protect your wallet and your air conditioning system against leaky windows and doors that can result in you cooling your whole neighborhood!

Schedule Routine Service for Your A/C

Sunshine is proud to partner with Pride A/C Services to bring our customers a wide range of HVAC services, including routine maintenance and repairs for your central A/C system or ductless mini-split. Routine service for your A/C system is important because it improves the efficiency of your equipment and may help you avoid a costly emergency repair call by solving small problems before they become big ones. Best of all, increased efficiency means you spend less money on your energy costs over the summer!

Wash Clothes in Cold Water

Experiment with the temperature in your washing machine. Unless you have a heavily stained item that you’re looking to disinfect, warm or cold water can do just as good a job as piping hot water. Plus, cold-washing clothes can prevent shrinking, fading, and color bleeding! Not convinced? Even setting the “Rinse” dial to cold will help cut your hot water costs.

Install Solar Panels from Beacon Solar

Sunshine has also teamed up with Beacon Solar to bring you solar energy options at a competitive price from a reputable solar company. Adding solar to supplement your primary energy source is a great way to save on energy, and Beacon Solar has been helping Rhode Island residents add solar technology to their homes for over 14 years. Diversifying with solar is an environmentally friendly choice that will help you lower your energy costs now and in the future.

Do You Need A/C Service or Solar Panel Installation? Count on Sunshine!

Sunshine Fuels & Energy Services has been servicing the Rhode Island area for three generations. We’re proud to provide you with unbeatable home comfort services and high-quality products year-round. If you need a heating oil delivery, propane gas delivery, grills for outdoor entertainment, or a standby generator, Sunshine is the company you can trust. Please get in touch with us today to learn more about our company or to schedule a service!