Tips to Save Energy & Money This Summer

Looking for ways to reduce your home comfort bill this summer in Rhode Island and Massachusetts? There are lots of things you can do during the warmer seasons to reduce your energy usage. Cutting back in these ways will lower your home comfort bill and allow you the freedom to use those savings however you want. Keep reading to learn our top tips to help you save energy this summer season from our industry experts!

Our Top Tips to Save on Energy Costs This Season

Program Your Thermostat

Cutting back on air conditioning frequency can save you up to 10% on your annual home comfort bills. The easiest way to do so is by installing a programmable thermostat, which allows you to set it and forget it. Aim to give your A/C a break for at least 8 hours a day for the perfect balance of ultimate home comfort and smart energy savings.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Now that the days are longer and warmer, skip the treadmill or TV and go for a walk outside. Along with saving energy on the appliances you’d use inside, you’ll get the bonus of enjoying the beautiful weather and getting your daily dose of vitamin D.

Cook on the Grill

Grills and barbeques are an emblem of spring and summer here in MA & RI. Break out the Grill Master apron and cook outside, which will cut back on the power you typically use with your indoor stovetop and oven, along with giving you quality time with your family.

Take Advantage of Your Blinds and Curtains

This is another free tip that you can use during the warm summer months or the chilly winter and early days of spring. During the hottest days of the year, be sure to keep your blinds and curtains drawn to prevent the sunlight from naturally warming your home’s temperature. This will help you reduce the need to crank up the A/C! Additionally, if there’s a chilly forecast ahead, be sure to leave your curtains and blinds open to soak in the warmth of the sunny day.

Diversify Your Energy Portfolio with Beacon Solar

Adding solar panels to your home’s energy portfolio is an excellent way to save on energy costs this summer. We at Sunshine Fuels and Energy Services are pleased to partner with our friends at Beacon Solar to bring you expert solar services. Check out the Solar Energy page on our website now to learn more about adding solar to your home—including special savings!

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Save Energy with Expert HVAC Service & Quality Fuel from Us

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