Why Automatic Delivery Is Really Worth It

At Sunshine Fuels, we’re proud to offer hassle-free automatic heating oil and propane delivery for both our full-service and basic plan customers! As a Rhode Island resident, you know just how tough and brutally cold the winters can be in this state. Chances are you need a company you can count on to reliably deliver your heating fuel when you need it, without you having to take time out of your busy schedule to place orders and arrange deliveries.

You may be wondering: Is automatic delivery really worth it? That answer is absolutely! After all, this no-cost-added service keeps your tank filled, so you can stress less all season long, and get back to the best parts of the winter season. Continue reading this blog post from the experts at Sunshine Fuels about the top benefits of automatic fuel delivery.

The Benefits of Automatic Delivery

Sunshine Fuels’ automatic delivery service comes with lots of benefits. Some of the big advantages our customers love are:

  • Total Convenience: We know how busy the fall and winter seasons can get. When you sign up for automatic delivery, there’s no need to pick up the phone or plan ahead around delivery dates. We’ll be there to fill your tank when it’s time!
  • Greater Peace of Mind: Nothing can be more stressful than a fuel run-out during the cold winter season. When you’re on automatic delivery, you significantly reduce your risk of a no-fuel emergency, which can cause serious damage to your equipment. We use state-of-the-art technology to track daily weather patterns and fuel usage to estimate when you will need your next delivery, so it’s always on time.
  • Smarter Spending: Automatic delivery is a free service, which saves you time on scheduling and arranging fill ups, and it also helps you spend more wisely on fuel. A custom delivery schedule translates into more efficient fill-ups, which can help you make the most of your heating season budget.

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Should I Still Check My Tank?

While our team will track your usage and make deliveries automatically, a sudden increase in usage (like adding more members to your household or property additions) could throw off your typical usage schedule, so it’s a good idea for you to still check you gauge periodically. If you have any changes in your fuel usage, make sure to tell us right away.

Choose Sunshine Fuels for Automatic Fuel Delivery

Automatic delivery is really worth it! And you’ve got nothing to lose except stress by signing up today. Our automatic delivery service is available to both our full-service and basic plan customers. Simply contact Sunshine Fuels to get started. You’ll enjoy total convenience and more balanced heating costs. We look forward to serving you.