Why, When & How to Order Oil or Propane Delivery

Winter in Rhode Island and Massachusetts is in full swing, and homeowners are ordering heating oil and propane deliveries to stay warm. But are you well versed in the why, when, and how to place a heating fuel delivery from your trusted local energy provider? Read this blog post to learn our top tips.

Why to Order a Fuel Delivery

You know you need heating oil or propane to power your furnace or boiler, but the benefits extend beyond your residential or commercial heating system’s operation. In addition, delivery of oil or propane from your local provider goes beyond warmth to offer energy efficiency, home security, and eco-friendliness.

When to Order an Oil or Propane Delivery

How do you know when it’s time to order a fuel delivery? Maybe you call on a routine schedule, or maybe your provider manages your fuel levels (more on that later!). But if you’re not familiar with your heating fuel storage container and its tank gauge, we encourage you to check out the instructions below. Your tank gauge provides important information about your home’s fuel situation and is easy to decipher.

  • Visit your fuel tank. Most oil tanks are in the home’s basement, while most propane tanks are outside.
  • For fuel oil tanks, check the site glass on top of the tank. You typically want to reorder at 25% full, or 1/4.
  • For propane tanks, lift the lid on your tank and view the percentage available. Typically, you want to reorder when you get to 30% or 1/3.

How to Order Fuel to Avoid a Fuel Emergency

It’s a good idea to check your fuel levels regularly so that it becomes a habit. Take weather into account when planning your deliveries, too—heavy storms and extremely cold weather can make heating systems run longer and make roads become impassable—a combination that may cause a fuel emergency. If bad weather is on the way, please be sure to place your order in enough time to get a refill. Otherwise, you risk running out.

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The Secret to Simplifying Your Fuel Ordering Routine: Automatic Delivery

The best possible way to decrease your chance of a fuel runout is by signing up for automatic oil or propane delivery from your local experts at Sunshine Fuels & Energy Services. This takes out the human error that anyone can make when monitoring their own fuel tank levels and allows the experts to manage your deliveries.

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Whether you heat your home or business with heating oil or propane, we will do everything in our power to ensure that your tank always has enough fuel to keep you and your family safe and warm.

Benefits of automatic delivery include:

  • Improved Protection
  • Smarter Spending
  • Total Convenience

Contact us to sign up for automatic delivery or to place your next oil or propane delivery!